Oh The Places We’ll Go… Top 5 European Travels Bucket List

I have holiday fever. It’s definitely self-inflicted and I’m almost certain that I caught it from spending too much time scrolling through the Instagram feeds of gorgeous girls on beautiful beaches. Damn. Although our trip to Greece was a mere few months ago, it feels like far longer and I’m itching to get back on a plane. I’ve always thought of myself as a long-haul kind of girl, but our last three holidays have been short-haul. Recently I’ve been reminiscing on last years trips to Rome and Mallorca, and trawling through the thousands of destinations offered on holiday sites. Whilst I still have my sights on so many faraway lands, I’ve also found a new interest in those closer to home and have been compiling a Bucket List of the ones I’d love to see.



I’ve used the power of social media to nose in on a few holidays to Barcelona recently, and wow. It looks like such a vibrant and colourful city! I’d love to see all of its sights like the Sagrada Família, and I’m already planning all of the outfit photos I can find the perfect colourful backdrops too! It also looks like they have gorgeous beaches too.. remind me why I haven’t been yet?


There are so many beautiful places in the world which are restricted by time and money, and for this reason I like to think that I’m someone who avoids revisiting holiday destinations. However as I mentally plan my fourth trip to Walt Disney World and add Mallorca to my Bucket list I’m starting to think that revisits aren’t so bad…

Monthly Favourites

Spain is absolutely beautiful and our trip was the most relaxing short-haul holiday I’ve been on so far. I keep revisiting the Holiday Gems site and resisting the urge to book a trip back on impulse. Jamie loved it so much that he started planning our retirement out there, so another trip is definitely on the cards!


Although I’ve never had a burning desire to visit the city dubbed the most romantic in the world, I’d love to tick it off my list. A long weekend away filled with croissants and time spent strolling the streets of Paris sounds divine right now. Plus I’d have a real reason to scrub up on my GSCE French.. je ne se pas?!


After visiting Rome last year, I’d absolutely love to expand my experience of Italy with a trip to Venice. My parents went recently and it just looks and sounds so scenic (without even considering how Instagram worthy its beautiful canals are).



I think I missed the pivotal point in which Amsterdam became the cool place to go and people (myself not included) began calling it ‘the dam’. I’ve heard a lot of great things and from what I gather it’s a very different lifestyle, so I’d absolutely love to immerse myself in it for a long weekend. I’d love to grab a bike (possibly a movie stereotype but still fun) and just explore!

What I wouldn’t do to be close to a bar in a warm foreign country right now! Which European cities are on your Bucket List?

*  This post is a sponsored post in collaboration with Holiday Gems. All words, images and opinions are my own. Please read my full disclaimer for more information.

17 thoughts on “Oh The Places We’ll Go… Top 5 European Travels Bucket List

  1. Ohh yeah – SAME! Like our bucket lists honestly couldn’t be more similar even if we tried haha. I’m actually going to Amsterdam this Summer and I’m beyond exited about it! If you’re down to adding a sixth city to your list, then Copenhagen is such an amazing city. The food, the architecture and shops are all just so so so stunning!! <33 Have a wonderful week Sophie xxx

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  2. Barcelona is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been twice and could recommend so many places to see – if you’re ever planning a trip, let me know as I’d love to talk about it!
    I’d also love to go to Amsterdam, that’s at the top of my list at the moment 🙂
    Loved this post!

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  3. Paris is one of my favorites! My boyfriend is from Madrid and his brother lives in Majorca, I would love to visit both! And Barcelona – he’s never been. In Europe, I still would like to visit Scandinavia and Croatia the most!

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

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  4. This is a great Bucket List! I’d love to visit all of those locations too. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice, and you’ve heard right, it is a beautiful city and definitely worth a weekend trip. I’ve also been to Mallorca and Paris which were also both amazing! I haven’t been to Italy yet though, so that’s somewhere that’s definitely on my bucket list!
    Sophie x
    – sophieamour.wordpress.com

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  5. Destination bucket lists are such a good idea! I’ve been to Barcelona, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam and Spain – phew, lucky me 😊 Barcelona was my favourite, Las Ramblas is amazing. Mallorca sounds wonderful too though, time to add it to my list now! Great inspiration, Sophie, thank you xx

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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  6. I have wanted to travel to many of these places for so many years. Your piece has given me the inspiration to make a commitment to myself to do it. No more excuses!
    Joan Senio
    Twitter: @joansenio1

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  7. I’ve been to Barcelona recently and previously to Amsterdam and those two cities are mesmerizing. I haven’t been to the other ones on your list, but they’re on my bucket list too. This is definitely the ultimate list of European cities which are a must visit!

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