Five Tried and Tested Insta-Trends

I believe in the importance of culture and of new experiences. When I travel to new places, I’m passionate about exploring their individuality and look forward to finding unfamiliar restaurants and taking in details of streets I’ve never seen before. To me, the thought of visiting somewhere new only to spend my time in a chain restaurant eating off of a menu I already know from home just reeks of wasted opportunity.

In the age of Instagram, it’s all too easy to be enticed by the apparent popularity of something or somewhere. The same book, beauty product or pretty pink cupcake shop can only pop up on our feeds so many times before we just have to get involved and find out for ourselves what all the fuss is about. From my own experience, I’ve learnt to research said Insta-trend before diving straight in. The place may serve up inarguably adorable French Bulldog latte art but it might also take half an hour for that art to get to your table, and it will be floating atop a health-conscious chai.. yes Farm Girl I’m looking at you. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Farm Girl, but the point that I’m trying to make is don’t judge a book by its cover. When the most photogenic coffee I’ve ever seen began appearing all over my feed, OF COURSE I wanted my own opportunity to post that shit all over my socials and watch the likes roll effortlessly in! But after a little snoop through their menu and a few reviews about slow service, I realised that it definitely wasn’t for me.. I’m more of a vanilla latte with cream on top! than a coconut or soya milk? girl. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being either of those people, but I can guarantee that there are multiple vanilla latte with cream on top! girls who went and bought a coffee they couldn’t drink because they wanted in, and life is too short to try and drink something that tastes like grass just because you’ve spent £4.00 on it for a picture. SO here are five Insta-trends that I jumped on and the low down on whether they’re worth the hype.

Milk Train

A couple of weeks ago I shared the most photogenic ice cream I’ve ever eaten via Instagram, and my caption sums it up. We queued for a little over ten minutes, after which we stood around the corner in the sun and were asked by the lady who was in front of us ‘was it worth the queue then?’. We had a little conversation and agreed that although it makes a great photo, the actual ice cream was shockingly average, in fact, it wasn’t even Mr Whippy standard as it didn’t really taste like much. I’d give it five stars for aesthetics but only two or three for taste, if you’re not in it for the picture then you’d be better off saving yourself £3 and grabbing a McFlurry.


The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck

Do you even have an Instagram account if you didn’t grab this book just to feature it in a flatlay? There are so many Instagram users who claim to love this book, so maybe I’m just more of a natural self-help guru than I give myself credit for because Sarah Knight told me absolutely nothing new and I certainly didn’t find this helpful. In fact, the only thing she taught me not to give a f*ck about was this f*cking book. She also WAY overused the f word to the point where I read it so many times that I started physically rolling my eyes.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck

Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine is another Instagram hype and I’d recommend using the money that you saved by not buying into the above (if it’s not already too late) and buying this instead. After wasting my precious time reading The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, there was no way that I was buying into another Instagram literary recommendation, but I borrowed my Mums copy and actually loved it so much that I featured it in my June Highlights.

Pixi Glow Tonic

I’m so sorry (but not really) for yet another blog reference to my Cult Beauty Haul; its the last one, promise. The Pixi Glow Tonic is one of the goodie bag products which I couldn’t wait to try, but which I was sceptical about because of all of the Insta-hype. I’m so happy to report back that my faith in Insta-beauty recommendations has been restored because this product is well worth its hype. An instant favourite, this tonic is so refreshing and leaves my skin with the healthy glow that it promises. A beauty product that does what it says it will? Hallelujah. 

The Ivy Chelsea Garden


On the ‘gram, The Ivy, Chelsea Garden is not best known for its impeccable service or delicious food, but for its striking floral entrance. Though in my opinion it should be recognised for all of the above. We visited mid-morning, and although a £40-£50 price range for breakfast is certainly on the expensive side, it’s like I said to Jamie; ‘you’re in Chelsea now darling, what did you expect?’. The Ivy has exceptionally attentive staff and a great menu. I tend to avoid ordering pancakes because I find that they rarely taste fresh, but I felt as though The Ivy might actually be able to deliver, and I was right. Ladies and gentleman, this one is worth the hype.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Peggy Porchen’s

Peggy Porchen's

If my very many hints are ignored and my next birthday cake isn’t from Peggy’s then there are going to be tantrums let me tell you (only kidding.. kinda). Peggy’s is 100% worth its hype and the only downside is actually the swarms of people lined up to take photos outside of it, despite not eating there (I guess we’ve all done it in some way or another). The first time I visited with my friend, I had a slice of cake, and although the cupcake I enjoyed on my most recent trip was delicious and super photogenic, I’d definitely recommend a slice instead. My mouth is actually watering as I write about it so I’m going to have to wrap it up, but the cake at Peggy Porchen’s is without a doubt, the best cake I’ve ever eaten. If you get the chance to visit then grab it with both hands, and you can thank me later when your mouth isn’t so full of cake.

Peggy Porchen's

39 thoughts on “Five Tried and Tested Insta-Trends

  1. Loved this post! I’ve been so tempted to buy The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck purely for the aesthetic – I can give in to hype so easily. But I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and adored it! I’ve also been debating buying the glow tonic for the LONGEST time, so I’m glad to hear it lives up to the hype!

    Evie x |

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  2. THE best idea for a blog post! I am so guilty of this, sometimes it’s impossible to resist but you are completely right – it can be so daft to spend ££££ on something you may not actually enjoy just for “the photo” – these big instagrammers must waste so much food and drink!

    I’d love to go to Peggys just to people watch all the instragrammers – it amazes me people get such good shot when there are crowds of people there!

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    1. Aw thanks I’m glad you like it! It’s so tempting to spend a fortune just for a picture isn’t it! Which is fine but you should definitely be enjoying it in real life too! Haha while your there grab a bit of cake, you won’t regret it!


  3. I’ve been seeing the Milk Train ice cream a bit over on Instagram and always wondered if it tasted 10/10 and lived up to the hype (being from the U.S. I can’t just hop on over haha) – it does look amazing aesthetically (looks almost like it’s on a cloud!) but as an ice cream lover, taste is definitely more important to me!

    I’ve see the book by Sarah Knight mentioned over and over again and I usually try not to buy into the hype to buy a book – that must have been so annoying to have every other word be the f word on repeat, I hate when I’m reading a book and it’s just thrown in everywhere serving no purpose. I’m adding the Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine to my long to be read list – love a good book!

    I love that everything your mentioning I’ve seen/heard of – saves me from trial and error (well minus Milk Train unless they opened up one in New York City for me to try it haha) – I’ve heard so much about the Pixi Glow Tonic and I’ve been trying to decide if whether or not I should give it a try – a healthy glow in the summer is actually summer goals.

    Peggy Porchen’s! I think there was a solid time where I saw it essentially every single day from different people on Instagram – have to give to the designer who had the idea for the entrance a round of applause – brings all the bloggers to the front door!


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  4. Such a cool post, I found it really helpful, thanks Sophie 🙂

    I’m so guilty of falling in the trap of buying what people are constantly raving about on instagram and have wasted soooo much money so it’s always good to know what is and isn’t worth it!

    I’ve heard so many things about the two books here but haven’t read either of them, though my mother in law absolutely loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine so I’m probably gonna borrow that from her.

    Peggy Porchen’s is somewhere that I’m dying to visit, it looks so beautiful and I’m a sucker for any kind of dessert so it’s definitely on my bucket list 🙂 xx

    Jessica |

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  5. This post made me laugh so much, Sophie! I know what you mean about Insta trends, ice creams and Peggy Porschen are just everywhere 😘 I’m so glad you dispelled some of the myths though, and I 100% agree with you, Eleanor Oliphant was AMAZING! Great post, lovely! Xx

    Lisa |

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  6. OMG Sophie! This is such a fab post! ❤

    Like these are all such photogenic places and products tehe. That ice looks soooo delicious lol I would probs not want to eat it and take tons of pics but lol ofc it'd melt. Yum yum yummy!
    Lol the mere fact that people just buy this book to add it to a flatlay is super funny to me…I'm surprise i'm not more familiar with the book actually but I hate over hyped books tbh so that's annoying.
    OMG I keep hearing of Pixi and its awesomeness and I NEED to get my hands on it 😦 Lol why did I just think of Made in Chelsea (my mom is always watching that), Chelsea Garden is gorgeous and the food sounds amazeballs! Finally, you look STUNNING as always! Fantastic post gal! 😀 ❤

    xx Lena |

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  7. Hahaha I LOVE this post! I honestly agree with you on everything (except the Ivy which I’ve never been to!) I HATED TLCMONGAF to the point where I actually couldn’t finish it, but I genuinely enjoyed Eleanor Oliphant. I visited Milk Train before there was a flower wall, so it wasn’t very good ice cream and not even a pretty spot! I do love PP but I do struggle a bit with the prices of their cupcakes, same with Dominique Ansel bakery just down the road from it! Amazing post!
    Hels xx

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  8. This was such a great post! I actually follow so many UK bloggers, that when I go there, I thought I was going to be so overwhelmed by all the places I wanted to go and visit! I would love if you created a series on this! It was such an enjoyable read and felt myself agreeing with you on the things that I’ve also had the chance to try. I loved the You Are a Badass? How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life book, but I hated the Subtle art of not giving a fuck. It didn’t give me any new information, and it also wasn’t worded in a way that gave me that “aha!” moment. It really was nothing special at all, and I’m glad I’m not the only person who felt that way! Great post xx

    Melina |

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    1. Aw thanks Melina, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ll definitely consider making it into a series and it will give me a good excuse to visit more IG hyped places haha! Oh its such a shame that I picked the bad one, that’s what I get for buying a book just because it keeps popping up on IG I guess haha!xxx

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  9. Really loved reading this post! I always see posts like this on Instagram and I’ve always wondered if I should take a trip down and take some photos because I just wanted to be apart of it all! I’m glad you enjoyed the food it actually looks amazing! I also had a feeling those ice creams wouldn’t be great! Lovely post xx

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  10. This is a brilliant post! I love it when people strip back all the beautiful things that you see on Instagram, and show the reality behind the pictures. Those pancakes look totally worth the hype though – and are making me super, super hungry. 😂

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you, I think its so important to be honest about experiences, a lot of people don’t have the money to chuck at these things just for a photo so people should enjoy the experience too!

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  11. I agree with you about the Insta-trend. Oh man, I can relate to this because either we spend a lot to do it for the ‘gram or end up posting an exact picture. There was an ice cream shop that was SO CUTE but I ended up getting a stomach bug from it. Not worth it for the gram @__@. You know how to take the cutest pictures!

    Some places know to charge more because of its amazing aesthetics. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

    Nancy ♥

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  12. OH HO HO HO. Have I got a story to share! Nancy and I went to this really ~hipster ice cream shop and we both got stomach bugs from it. Too make it worse, the food coloring used for the ice cream left a color on other things as well. So, basically, sometimes, just because somebody posts about it on Instagram doesn’t really make it worth it, ha!

    cabin twenty-four

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  13. This is a fantastic post Sophie! I’ve always wondered if Peggy Porchen’s cakes were worth the hype as they are definitely instagram worthy. It’s nice to know they taste as good as they look. I’d love to give them a try sometime! The ice cream looks very photogenic but not worth its only average tasting. You can’t go wrong with a tub of Ben & Jerrys! Great post lovely and fabulous photos as always! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  14. This post was so helpful! I too have been seeing all of these all over Instagram and I have been so tempted to try them. I am so glad that you made this post because now I know what is worth the hype and what isn’t. You just saved me ALOT of money. Now I just have to try the Pixi glow tonic!

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  15. I really enjoyed reading this post! I’ve wanted to go to Peggy’s for the longest time and I’ve only vaguely heard of Farm Girl. The ice-cream one, however, I’ve seen people get amazing pictures but they’ve said that the ice cream melted before they could eat it 😂 I did pick up a few of Sarah Knight’s books and try to read a bit in Waterstones but didn’t buy them – I was in very two minds about it. I love reading a good rant and it makes me feel a bit better, especially if I can relate. Buuuuut what stopped me is, like you said, it probably won’t tell me anything I don’t know. If I have a lot of disposable income one day, I’ll treat myself but – for now – not a necessity I don’t think! I do want that glow tonic so bad though omg 😱

    Meg x |

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  16. I have to admit, I was quite disappointed with the cupcakes and Peggy Porschens, and felt that they were quite average compared to all the hype. However, I may have to go back for a slice of actual cake if it’s better! Also been dying to try the PIXI glow tonic, good to know that the hype is warranted
    Jas xx

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  17. LOVED this post!! I’m always curious about what people thought of the Insta-hypes. I tried both Eleanor Olliphant AND The Life-Changing Magic and I couldn’t get on with either of them so I’m with you on that one!!

    Naomi xo

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